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Asset Based Lending leverage the company assets to fund the working capital.


Asset Based Lending

Also known as Revolving Trading Facilities, this is a specialised working capital facility that allows a business to leverage the current assets to fund the working capital.

Asset Based Finance is available in conjunction with invoice discounting.

The funder looks at the assets of the business including receivables, stock, property, as well as unencumbered plant and machinery and advances funds against these assets.

Suitable for financially strong companies, turnover should be in excess of £1M, nett worth £100K+.

Asset Based Lending is ideal for MBO,MBI, acquisitions and refinancing.

In summary:

  • Cashflow facilities against invoices, stock, plant & equipment
  • Suitable for financially strong companies
  • Turnover – £1M+
  • Financials – net worth £100K+
  • Term loans available
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