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Advice For Directors


Advice For Directors

Company directors are responsible for understanding all legal obligations and responsibilities associated with business finances and operations, and as such could be found personally liable for debts under civil and criminal law.

When a business director is in doubt of a company’s financial viability and insolvency may on the horizon, they are required to ensure that losses for creditors are minimal.

Directors often face pressure from all sides once financial issues begin to rise. These could include:

  • Legal action from HMRC.
  • Pressure from bankers about debt.
  • Suppliers that stop supplying due to payment problems.
  • Differences with accountants over unpaid bills.

We provide company directors with practical and honest business insolvency advice to help them negotiate through complicated legislation and avoid any pitfalls. We understand that every situation is unique, which we is why we take on cases and clients on a one-to-one tailored approach, providing directors with the best advice for their business debts.

If you are a director and seek insolvency or liquidation advice, don’t hesitate to call us or visit our contact page.

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