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Asset finance


    What is Asset Finance and how can it help a business?

    Asset Finance is the provision of equipment finance to all types of business.

    What do asset finance companies provide?
    Finance packages
    Equipment leasing
    Tailor made financial solution for the supply if equipment.
    Re-finance of equipment and assets already purchased outright
    Common types of Asset finance
    IT finance
    Funds for expansion plans or restructuring
    Funds for better machinery or equipment
    Funding for management buy out schemes
    Acquisition of new companies
    Shop Fit Finance
    Garage Equipment Finance
    Catering Equipment Finance
    Salon Equipment Finance
    Gym and healthcare equipment.
    What types of businesses use Asset Finance?
    Public Sector organisations
    Private sector firms and businesses
    Sole traders covering many sector
    Limited companies in many trades and specialisms
    Local authorities such as city and municipal councils.
    What are the advantages of asset finance?
    Asset finance offers many benefits to small to medium sized businesses in particular such as:

    Start-ups are always considered
    Asset finance is a cost effective alternative to outright purchasa providing fast access to working capital
    Asset finance can grows in line with a business
    Asset finance is more flexible than traditional lending
    Asset finance is better able to cope with cashflow fluctuations
    All equipment is considered
    Contract period of 1,2 or 3 years are available
    The asset finance application process is quite simple
    Asset finance protects cash flow
    There can be significant tax advantages with asset finance.

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