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Company Finance Options


We offer free advice to companies in the UK and Ireland looking to improve cash flow. Having developed close working relationships with over 70 specialist lenders, including many niche players, not only can we offer you the best rates and a swift response, we can also help you identify the best funding partner and product to suit your specific needs, whatever your circumstances.

What’s more, with our substantial experience and contacts in the industry, we know exactly who to speak to for any given situation. In fact, we can often provide solutions where other lenders struggle.

Whatever size your business, whatever your requirements, our dedicated team are committed to providing a professional and efficient service to you for issues such as:

  • Cash flow problems
  • Rapid sales growth
  • Turning down orders
  • Held back by your overdraft
  • Restrained by historical financial difficulties
  • High value debtor balance
  • Simply want to release cash from outstanding invoices ?

Whatever your situation, why not take away the hassle of sourcing finance by using our  service.

Our advice team work with over 70 funders, including many niche players, to give you access to the widest selection of cash flow funders and products available in the UK.

In addition to invoice discounting and factoring, we can also offer niche products such as confirmed order finance, funding for one-off deals, single/selective debtor finance, export factoring, stock finance, confidential factoring and trade finance.

Invoice finance is generally suitable for businesses selling on credit terms to trade debtors including the following:

  • Companies registered in UK and Ireland
  • Sole Traders /Partnerships
  • Exporters /Importers
  • MBO’s, MBI’s, Acquisitions
  • New & fast-growth companies
  • Single/heavy debtor concentration
  • One-off deals
  • Seasonal business
  • Start-ups
  • Low nett worth/low turnover
  • Turnaround/distress situations
  • Poor financial history
  • Businesses looking to change funder
  • Most industry sectors including construction

How can invoice finance help our business?

Invoice Finance (invoice factoring and invoice discounting) is designed to help with the cash flow of a business by converting unpaid invoices from trade customers into cash immediately. It’s purpose is to maximise the availability of working capital finance. Invoice finance provides a business with immediate cash advances of up to 90% of the value of approved sales invoices. The balance is made available when the customer pays the invoice in full. Many companies use invoice finance to obtain supplier discounts, fund expansion plans etc.

We are a new start company. Will we qualify for invoice finance?

Most companies, from new starts to PLC’s can use invoice finance, as long as the business is selling on credit terms to trade customers with an anticipated turnover of £50K pa. Whether you operate as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, profit or loss making, irrespective of the strength of the balance sheet, some form of invoice finance can be available. By making one phone call to a specialist factoring consultant, we’ll be able to establish if invoice finance can help you.

We are growing rapidly & our overdraft is inadequate. How can invoice finance help us?

Invoice Finance is ideal for fast growing companies. It provides greater flexibility than conventional finance. Unlike the traditional overdraft, the level of finance available grows in line with sales, making this type of finance ideal for expanding companies. This means that, as your sales increase, so too does the amount of finance available to you. If your current overdraft is restricting the growth of your business.

We have a single debtor ledger – can this be funded?

Although most funders avoid single debtor scenarios, a small number of players will finance a single debtor. Generally speaking, the debtor should have a good credit rating. Advances against single debtors are usually between 70% to 90% of invoice value.

We work in construction – can we get factoring?

Most funders avoid the construction industry because of its contractual nature. However, a number of funders will consider the construction industry on a case by case basis. As a specialist factoring broker we have the contacts and know who to speak to.

Help! We need finance urgently…

If this is the case, then you should speak to us now. We understand that sometimes a company needs cash urgently. We know which funders can move quickly and we have access to key decision makers – this can be crucial if a deal needs to be in place fast. Once we know that you are suitable for funding, a facility could be in place within days from our initial chat.

We need to pay our suppliers for confirmed orders and our bank can’t help…

Purchase Order Finance could be ideal for your business. Very simply, a funder pays suppliers on your behalf, for finished goods, against confirmed orders from quality debtors. This finance is suitable for new and young companies and does not rely on the strength of your balance-sheet.

We want to export, but are worried about late payment and bad debts…

If you are selling on credit terms to quality buyers, then invoice finance could help tackle the issue of late payments. Regarding bad debts, you could either consider taking out export credit insurance or else consider an invoice finance facility which includes bad debt protection as an option.

We only need finance occasionally for seasonal business….

While most lenders finance your total sales ledger on an ongoing basis, some funders offer more flexible solutions and will finance ad-hoc transactions, seasonal business and one-off deals.

How can business finance help me?

Our job is to source and deliver cash flow finance solutions – fast. By making one phone call to us, we’ll find you the best deal. We’ll advise you of the funding options available to you, plus the associated costs and terms. We can introduce you to a selection of suitable funders and negotiate terms on your behalf. Importantly, we don’t make any charge to you for our services.

Invoice finance however is not appropriate for every company or every situation. Contact us today to discover how invoice finance can help your business.

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Asset Finance

  • Balloon Finance
  • Buying Second Hand Assets
  • Finance New Assets
  • Finance for “Soft Assets”
  • Finance for vehicles for hire
  • Intangible Asset Finance
  • Refinance Current Assets
  • ULEZ Vehicle Finance
  • Vehicle Finance

Growth Finance

  • Finance for scale-ups
  • Growth Equity Financing
  • Growth Finance

Impaired Credit

  • Business Finance if you have CCJs
  • Finance for businesses in a CVA

Cashflow Finance

  • Contract Finance
  • Ecommerce Funding
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Invoice Finance
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Overdraft Replacement
  • Purchase Order Finance
  • Short Term Finance
  • Single Invoice Finance
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Whole Ledger Finance

Small Business

  • Fast/Quick Business Loans
  • Small Business Loans
  • Small Business Loans for Bad Credit

Property Finance

  • 100% Bridging Loans
  • 100% Finance for Developers
  • Auction Finance
  • Bridging Finance
  • Buying your premises
  • Commercial Mortgage Finance
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Commercial Property Purchase
  • Commercial Property Refinance
  • Continuation Property Development Finance
  • Finance for BTLs
  • Finance for Holiday Lets
  • HMO Finance
  • High-Value Bridging Loans
  • Land Bridging Loans
  • Property Development Finance
  • Refurbishment Finance
  • Short Lease Bridging Loans


  • Finance for Startups
  • Franchise Loans
  • New Business Loans

Working Capital Finance

  • Business Debt Consolidation
  • Commercial Loans
  • Construction Finance
  • Export Finance
  • Finance to pay VAT / Tax
  • Inventory Finance
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Refinancing
  • Secured Finance
  • Stock Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Unsecured Finance
  • Working Capital Finance to Improve Business Cashflow with Low Interest

Alternative Finance

  • Bank Loan Alternatives
  • Crowdfunding Alternatives
  • VC Funding Alternatives
  • Equipment Finance
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