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Invoice Discounting to release funds tied up in unpaid invoices


Invoice Discounting to release funds tied up in unpaid invoices

Invoice Discounting provides a business with immediate cash (up to 90%) against invoices raised to trade customers.

The business retains full control over the sales ledger administration and collection activities.

Suitable for financially strong companies, as a guide, facilities are available for established profitable companies with turnover in excess of £300K and positive nett worth.

Start-up companies will be considered if the projected turnover and nett worth is sufficient.

Invoice Discounting may be confidential or disclosed. If the facility is confidential, the customers will be unaware of the funding arrangement. Otherwise the facility is disclosed and the customer will be aware of the funding arrangement, usually by a statement on the invoice.

In summary:

  • Immediate cash advances (up to 90%) against invoices
  • Suitable for financially strong companies
  • Turnover – £300K+
  • Financials -profitable trading, positive nett worth
  • Sales ledger administration and collections remain in-house
  • Optional bad debt protection
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