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Stock Finance to pay suppliers for stock.


Stock Finance provides a business with an unsecured line of credit to pay suppliers for stock.

  • Finance for stock and raw material purchases
  • Letters of credit or world-wide payment to suppliers
  • Suitable for financially strong companies
  • No impact on existing funding arrangements
  • Repayment via Bill of Exchange

How does Stock Finance work?

The funder agrees a limit to which they will provide supplier payment facilities to your company.

Repayment is usually by Bill of Exchange accepted by you. When the facility falls due for repayment, the funder simply presents the accepted Bill of Exchange to your bank for payment.

What are the key benefits of Stock Finance?

  • Provides additional buying power without the provision of security.
  • No impact on existing funding arrangements.
  • Allows access to new suppliers on favourable terms
  • Facilitates receipt of early payment discounts from suppliers
  • Can be used in conjunction with existing working capital facilities
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